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Superfood Snacks

Stay full for hours & satisfy your cravings

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"ELAVI's superfood butters are my new obsession! They make my boring oatmeal delicious & flavorful, without the added sugar!" - Sara

Creamy, Superfood Cashew Butters

No added sugars sweetened naturally with dates & monkfruit

Quick and easy snack with 5g plant protein and healthy fats

Clean ingredients to support your gut and immunity

Naturally colored with superplants rich in antioxidants

No-Bloat Protein Bars

Dairy free. Gluten free. Soy free. Non-GMO. No refined sugars. No sugar alcohols. No sketchy oils. No preservatives.

Collagen protein bars that keeps you full for hours and boosts skin & gut health.

Just 120 calories and 8g of protein.


We believe that food should help you feel amazing:

Designed to power you through anything, anywhere without the stomach ache or sugar crash.

  • Level up your protein pancakes, toast, oatmeal, and more.

  • Stay energized longer and avoid the afternoon sugar crash.

  • Pre-workout fuel - no sugar & all the taste. 


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"Unreal how delicious this is!

WOW! I loved this ginger spice nut butter more than I could have even imagined! A guilt free cookie butter?! YES!!! Truly so good."

- Nicole
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Women-Owned by 

Fitness Trainers

What started as a need to fuel our 16-hour days juggling office jobs and teaching fitness classes has turned into a movement to reinvent packaged foods. 

We cut the bloat-inducing cheap ingredients found in most protein snacks and designed a line of elevated protein bars and nut butters enhanced with superfoods that benefit your body. Plus, they taste amazing. 

Fuel with the best & feel your best,
Michelle & Nikki


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