Tapioca fiber syrup + chicory root fiber (inulin) - why we REFUSE to use them

Tapioca fiber syrup + chicory root fiber (inulin) - why we REFUSE to use them

Why we refuse to add fake fiber syrups into ELAVI products:

Many people try to incorporate more fiber into their diets because it is important for maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar levels and regulates bowel movements. However, what many do not know is that added fibers such as chicory root fiber, tapioca fiber syrup, or yacon syrup in bars may cause more harm than good. Below you can read more about what exactly these “added fibers” are and why they may not be worth consuming in your bars.

Chicory Root Fiber - is it safe to eat?

Chicory root, chicory root fiber, chicory root extract, chicory fiber syrup, and chicory insulin can all be seen on the ingredients list. Chicory root is high in soluble fiber, specifically inulin, which is a prebiotic that slows down digestion and may support weight loss and blood sugar control. Food companies add inulin to products to increase fiber content and decrease added sugar and fat content. While chicory root fiber does have some benefits on the human body, it also causes gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, loose stool, and increased flatulence. No thanks. 

Tapioca Fiber Syrup - is it really fiber?

Tapioca fiber syrup, a sweetener and dietary fiber made from tapioca starch, is an ingredient found in many protein bars due to its ability to serve as a binding agent. While many believe that tapioca starch has beneficial effects, it is actually pure carbohydrates and contains little to no nutrients, protein, fat, and fiber. Because of its nature of being composed of pure starches, tapioca tends to cause weight gain when consumed in large quantities. Furthermore, tapioca fiber syrup is unsuitable for diabetics to consume since it is purely sugars.

The ELAVI difference

As we become more aware of how we feel after consuming certain foods, you'll notice that ELAVI's collagen protein bites are the first high-protein bars that won't make you feel heavy, bloated, or sluggish from eating processed ingredients. This is the difference between using cheap fillers and syrups and high-quality ingredients that the body knows how to break down. Clean enough to enjoy before a workout, nourishing enough to stay satisfied for hours. 



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