The Story Of A Brand Podcast Part 2

ELAVI - Energy. Recovery. Youthfulness.

An Interview With Ramon Vela 
A product that is good for you - that's what ELAVI's Co-Founders, Nikki Elliott, and Michelle Razavi, strived to do while starting the brand. In the second part, the partners say they understand each other's recharge points and always put the company first.Michelle and Nikki choose collagen for their product because it's the protein that declines with age and is ignored in most people’s diets. They wanted to fill this white space. The brand got close to consumers by launching a couple of months before the pandemic. People were prioritizing health so they were open to new things or brands.Michelle advises businesses to always ask for help, feedback, and better terms, while Nikki emphasizes transparency.
In part 2 of this episode of The Story of a Brand, Nikki and Michelle talk about:
  • Their relationship
  • How they got people excited
  • What is collagen, and why did they choose it
  • Antioxidants
  • Where to get ELAVI
  • Showing reviews and upcoming activations
  • Flavors at ELAVI
  • Their packaging
  • Message from Michelle and Nikki
  • New flavors