ELAVI's Gender-Neutral Packaging System Elevates The Snack Market

By Chloe Gordon
ELAVI is a brand all about giving consumers exactly what they need: a gender-neutral snack that's packed full of nutrients while still tasting great. Not only do ELAVI's products deliver, but the packaging they come in reflects the genuine intricacy and transparency of the brand. The black packaging paired with the gold detailing and the flavor-reflective color choices make for a refined and captivating packaging system. Fit for any demographic, ELAVI's packaging, designed by Wonderkind, is sure to make an impact across the market.
As a functional snack company that aims to educate its diverse consumers on how integrating ELAVI into their daily lives can help them feel stronger, energized, and resilient, this redesign is a further commitment to a premium experience—taste, texture, quality ingredients, and optimal absorption of nutrients. It's about curating an elevated experience for their consumers, helping them associate feeling their best self with ELAVI.
The new packaging, predominantly in color black and gold, is sleek, modern, and gender-neutral and includes clean lines, a designer pattern, and a beautiful gold logo that better reflects the level of premiumness and sophistication that consumers already experience with every bite.
The new ELAVI gold logo is unapologetically bold. It demands attention. An ombre shadow over the gold is meant to create a glistening effect that has an air of mystery and intrigue. It includes lines that draw upward and to the right to illuminate a path of forward growth and progression.
The brand is equally approachable and inclusive and wants consumers to feel welcomed in their community.

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