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Superfood Cashew Butters

Creamy cashew butter enhanced with vibrant superfoods 

Tastes like frosting, 5g plant protein, No added sugar

Blue Spirulina Vanilla
Dark Chocolate
Pomegranate Berry
Variety Bundle
Ginger Spice (Jar)
Sampler Trial Pack


8 packets per flavor

FREE Ginger Spice jar with a Variety Bundle!

No added sugars sweetened naturally with dates & monkfruit

Quick and easy snack with 5g plant protein and healthy fats

Clean ingredients to support your gut and immunity

Naturally colored with superplants rich in antioxidants

Colored By Superfoods


Limited-Time Offer


"These butters are my new obsession! The right amount of sweetness, perfect over my daily oatmeal." - Ashley

Tastes like frosting, zero sugar crash.

How We're Better


No sunflower oil, palm oil, hydrogenated oils


No added sugars

Plant protein


Other Chocolate Spreads

contains milk

10-20g sugar

Other Nut Butters

contain egg

Cheap sources

"This is...insanely delicious."

Drizzle me like a syrup, enjoy me like nut butter.

Naturally sweetened with monkfruit and dates - low glycemic sweeteners you can feel good about.

Vegan. Gluten-Free.

No sketchy oils - zero palm, sunflower, or hydrogenated soybean oils.

No artificial dyes, sugar alcohols, or added sugars.

Ok...so where do the colors come from?

Blue Spirulina

Blue spirulina is naturally blue, from blue green algae. It is rich in antioxidants and B vitamins to boost energy naturally.

Pomegranate Berry

Pomegranate is a powerhouse of immunity and skin boosting antioxidants. We also snuck in beets for extra pink + superfoods.

Dark Chocolate

We use organic, mood boosting dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar for a real taste that tells Nutella to go home.

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How to use:

Over toast or with fruit

Over oatmeal (our fave!)

Superfood dessert

Low sugar, high fat fuel

"The chocolate one actually tastes like fudge! Easy on the tummy, #crohnsdisease approved. I load these on my smoothie bowls or eat these before or during long runs. Yum!"


Verified Buyer

"Holy cow, this blue spirulina vanilla cashew butter is HEAVENLY. This is our 3rd order 😄 even our toddler loves it in her oatmeal!"


Verified Buyer

"They're like a tasty elixir for your food. I've put them on toast, non-dairy ice cream, and cacao bars to amp everything up. Well done team, will be buying these again!"


Verified Buyer

Women-Owned by Fitness Trainers

What started as a need to fuel our 16-hour days juggling office jobs and teaching fitness classes has turned into a movement to reinvent packaged foods. 

We cut the bloat-inducing cheap ingredients found in most protein snacks and designed a line of elevated protein bars and nut butters that satisfy your sweet tooth w/o the crash. Finally.

Fuel with the best & feel your best,
Michelle & Nikki

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