The Story Of A Brand Podcast Part 1

ELAVI - Easy-To-Digest, Functionally Beneficial, On-The-Go Snack

An Interview With Ramon Vela 
An elevated energy bite - that's what ELAVI's snacks are. Today we have Nikki Elliott and Michelle Razavi, co-founders of ELAVI, a modern wellness brand.Nikki and Michelle were fitness instructors juggling corporate jobs and struggled to find good healthy snacks to nourish their bodies. So they launched ELAVI. With ELAVI, they sought to create an easy-to-digest, functionally healthy, and on-the-go snack. They were so confident of their idea, they both put together their grad school money for this brand.According to them, there is no right or wrong way to bring a product to market. Asking for help, being passionate, and doing research helped them in their journey. They also discuss the idea that their relationship as co-founders is a lot like a marriage.
In part 1 of this The Story of a Brand Feature, Nikki and Michelle talk about:
  • Gratefulness
  • Overview of the brand
  • Where they were before
  • Nourishing high protein energy snack
  • How they created the prototype
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs
  • Being co-founders together