elavi founders michelle and nikki our story


Hi! We're Nikki & Michelle, the founders ✌🏼

What started as a need to fuel our 16-hour days juggling office jobs and teaching fitness classes has turned into a movement to reinvent packaged foods. 

  • Looking for a protein snack that keeps you full for hours without the bloat? Done. 
  • Or maybe a pre-workout boost that doesn't give you a sugar or caffeine crash? You got it. 
  • How about a breakfast butter that fights inflammation? Yep. 

Our products were formulated as high-performance snacks that keep you going and satisfy your sweet tooth. They won't upset your belly (tested by Michelle's sensitive stomach) and they won't taste fake or nasty (tested by Nikki's Midwest taste buds). 

So whether you're crushing workouts, a new mom looking for clean protein, a busy professional looking to eat healthier, or optimize your energy levels - we're here to keep the elevated snacks flowing. 

Here with you every bite of the way,
Michelle & Nikki

Fun Fact: ELAVI is also our last names combined together ;)