Meet the Founders,
Michelle & Nikki

Tired? Bloated? Feeling heavy? It's likely your food.

We met at the gym and both struggled to survive our long days juggling office jobs & teaching fitness classes with nutrition we could trust. We also had unhealthy relationships to food from eating disorders in college. 

We were tired of the stomach aches and heavy feeling from the packaged snacks that had dairy, sugar alcohols, fiber syrups, and shelf-stabilizers. We wanted to love food, not be afraid of it. 

And it became very clear that companies cared more about profit than how people feel.

So we did something about it.

Every ingredient we use (and avoid) in our products is intentional. And designed to make you feel your best - energized, satiated, and satisfied. No diet culture, no shame, no "guiltless", just real ingredients that keep your belly happy :) 

Our mission is simple: food should be fuel, not make you feel sick.

Here with you every bite of the way,
Michelle & Nikki

Fun Fact: ELAVI is also our last names combined!