Life Snacks Podcast

Have Your Snack And Look Like One Too. Feat. Nikki Elliott and Michelle Razavi

An Interview With Lauren Tierney
Lauren chats with Nikki Elliott and Michelle Razavi, the founders of Elavi. Elavi protein bites are the first food supplement to use both marine + bovine collagen that helps supports healthy hair, skin, joints, gut health, and athletic recovery. Before founding Elavi, Nikki and Michelle both worked corporate jobs and taught group fitness classes at Equinox. As they were navigating their busy, on-the-go lifestyle they felt such a strong need for snacks that actually tasted good and wouldn't upset their stomach. Elavi is just that snack. It is formulated by fitness instructors and approved by dietitians to be the best snack to keep you nourished and energized. In this episode they share:
  • In your mid-20s your natural collagen supply actually greatly decreases
  • The best way to consume collagen. Hint: It might not be in your coffee
  • How they used Bumble and other dating apps to sell products to the male market during quarantine
  • Their journey leaving the corporate world and pursuing Entrepreneurship full time as best friends
  • How to evaluate your interests when picking a career path